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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sophie's beads

sophie's beads
Originally uploaded by gumbootspearlz.
I really must start a celebrate motherhood stream as well.

Sophie wrote a wonderful poem on her mother, and one on both her Mum and Dad for poetry week. Here are some beads she asked me to photograph to go with her poem Kalkadoon.

She also wrote about her Dad in an autobiographical poem "Stem to Veins. "

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mr Trona's Story of his Dad

Dad Choosing

Dad and his Shadow

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Dad & the Cicadas 2004


Great sport
DAD - Always a good sport

Mr Trona's Story of the Photographs of his Dad

As he posts his photos there is a story unfolding. Memories of his Dad as he was and is.

Excerpt from Photo posts

Great Sport
"This is actually a great memory. Dad and I spent some time together in Florida after a family Christmas in Texas, 1998. This is actually my Dad's playful side -- he loves to make silly faces, but traditionally has pretty much done so for me. Now, however, I'm honored to share.Anyway, here he's also seriously wondering, methinks, exactly how I talked him into giving Disney MGM's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride a shot ! ;-) "

[post still under construction more to come in consultation with Mr Trona]

Images Courtesy of Mr Trona http://www.flickr.com/photos/trona/266602250/in/pool-74288383@N00

Fabio Fabulous Fatherhood


M'n grietje en ik



Image Courtesy of Fabio

Cherish the Moment

the simple moments

Every Reason to Smile -2

Images Courtesy of Cherish the Moment

Cherish the Moment

Cherish the moment
as you live it
and it comes into being
the connection between
father and son
mother and father
mother and son.

Cherish it and photograph
it in your heart
and memory
it is connected to you

(words gumbootspearlz)

Be the Father

Be the Father you wanted

Fatherhood poster
Originally uploaded by

As long as that father is kind

and gentle-

As long as that father knows when to be

father before friend

and when to be friend as well as father.

Take them on all the promised fishing trips

Don't end up becoming the father

in a Cat Steven's song.

Be the father you wanted

If you did not have the father you wanted

But if you did then you can be the father you had

perhaps even moreso if that is possible.

(Words Gumbootspearlz)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Celebrate Dad

Celebrate Dad - Some favourites

Some Favourites From the flickr pool

These photographs are all from the flickr group Celebrating Fatherhood.
I'll feature some of the photographs here. They are inspiring in the way the practice
and capture fatherhood.

Nifty Images of Fatherhood

Images Courtesy of www.NiftyImages.com

First time on snow

The Story of Firsts

Do you remember the first time in the snow
the first smile
the first time they said Dad?

Do you remember the first steps
the first food
the first time they said "love you"?

(words gumbootspearlz)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Where Will You Walk Little Feet

Where will you walk little feet little feet
Where will you talk little babe little babe
Where will you smile little face, little face
Joy to you, strength to you large soul, large soul.

(words gumbootspearlz)

Where My Heart Is

Where My Heart Is

Image Courtesy aaroneous monk

Where my heart is

There my heart goes
with that small one
who looks up to me
and says can you show me that
can you show me how
to tie my laces,
how to pour the milk
where my heart is
in the cereal of fatherhood
ready to fill me up with
the breakfast joy
no more sleep ins
lots of wakeups
to bind me to this thing called fatherhood
where my heart is.

(words gumbootspearlz)

Love's Embrace

Love's Embrace

Image by Encantada http://www.flickr.com/photos/71157812@N00/

Love's embrace
takes the father for a dance
tells him that he will always dance
to a new tune called the mantle
of fatherhood

He don't worry
he don't cry
for it's where he wants to be
See how he taps
see how he wraps
himself in Love's embrace.

(Words gumbootspearlz)

Fatherhood as the sun sets

It's soooo big!

End of the day

Coronado sunset with the boys

A beautiful set from http://www.flickr.com/photos/wskrz/

Fathehood's sun never sets
as long as there is memory

It bathes in the light of love
It bathes in the warmth of caring

Fatherhood's sun rises
in the child who passes on the torch
To their parenting.

(Words gumbootspearlz)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Loved One's Point of View



for shivanayak's image

Seeing how our loved ones see us
the love in the images the husband
or wife artist creates-

We find
that we can glow even more
in the beauty they unravel
in the threads
that tie us to them .

Memory and image
they form a woven
provide the tar that
makes them float out among the reeds -

Makes memory safe
gives to it some justice
and a promise to

(Words gumbootspearlz)

Dad & the Cicadas

Dad & the Cicadas 2004
Originally uploaded by Mr. TRONA.

Image Mr Trona, Poem Gumbootspearlz

Cicada hands

For Mr Trona and family

Father has changed now
But always I shall see his
Cicada hands
The gentle bend of their fingers
As beseeching time beckons.

His memory is not the sum of him
Nor is his skin
Not even the words that gurgle out of the
Brook of his mouth.

Father is here now as he was
Back then time beckoned him
To where he is now.

Outside of time is mother’s love
A Wife’s love,
My love, his love
Nestled in cicada hands.